Music from Burkina Faso – Faso Conexion

Faso Conexion is a burkinabé rap group mixing rap and traditional sounds. Here’s their song “Ouaga la belle”:


Music from Tanzania – Mr. Ebbo

Abel Loshilaa Motika, aka Mr Ebbo was the rapper for Bongo Flava, sadly he died Dec 2011 at age 37.  This is his song “Don’t Wait for the Rain”.

Music from Burkina Faso – Yeleen

Today, I would present you one of my favourite “bands”-the hip-hop group Yeleen from Burkina Faso, with Smarty and Mawndoé:  “Chemin de l’exil”, from their first album “Juste 1 peu 2 lumière“. Modern rap, with elements of African folk music, reggae and afrobeat represents their feelings perfectly. In the year 2007 they got the  Kundé d’or” for the best artist from Burkina Faso. This is an old post…..