Music from Italy – Wish Key

Wish Key is an italo disco group, active from 1983 to 1987. Listen to their nice song “Last Summer”, perfectly fitting for today, the first day of autumn here…

Music from the UK – Chris Andrews

Chris Andrews, born in 1942, is a british singer-songwriter  from Romford. Listen to his great 80s hit “Yesterday Man”:

Music from Switzerland – Grauzone

Grauzone, formed in 1980, was a swiss “Neue Deutsche Welle” and post-punk group. With their nice song “Eisbär”, also containing some electro elements, they reached the charts in Austria and Germany. Really a classic during the 80s! This video was remastered in 2010:




Music from the UK – Curiosity killed the cat

Curiosity killed the Cat, a pop band of the late 80´s from the UK. This afternoon i watched a video biography of Andy Warhol on an old VHS Tape, which i found in our local givebox. (His real name was Andrej Warhola and his russian ancestors came from Slovakia/Europe) That’s where i saw that he took part in this video clip “Misfit” from CKTC .  Here we go ^^

Music from Portugal – Radio Macau

Radio Macau is a Portuguese band formed in Mem Martins, in the 80. In 1993 the band suspended activity and return to join in 1998. The band recorded in 2008 the 8th album, which they call simply 8. My favorite song from this album: “Cantiga de Amor”

Music from Norway: Dance with a Stranger

I first came across this excellent Norwegian band when my band worked with them at a theme park near Stavanger in Norway when we were touring over there back in the 80’s. I was struck by how much like Joe Cocker the singer sounded. In fact, perhaps a cross between Joe and Italian singer Zucchero. When you listen to the fretless bass playing, one is also reminded of Pino Palladino’s work on Paul Young’s ‘No Parlez’ album (Not the Mike and the mechanics Paul Young, the other one!)  I was always puzzled as to why this band didn’t achieve greater acclaim outside their native land. They broke up in the mid-90’s but occasionally re-form for reunion shows. This is ‘Everyone needs a friend’ – listen to the lovely bass work!

Kev Moore

Music from the UK – Mike And The Mechanics

Mike And The Mechanics is the music project of Mike Rutherford, the Geneseis guitarist. They had a huge succes during the 80s and 90s. Here’s their nice song “Word Of Mouth”: