Music from Germany – Brothers of Ivory

Brothers of Ivory – a band founded 2012 in Schorndorf /South Germany . The Trio is playing a mix of southern and alternative rock ,always impressed by the blues . In 2013 they´ve played a lot of gigs in germany and switzerland

Here is their song “Revolution ”

Indeed the right name of the band is “Brothers of Ivory ” not (Brothers of Irony :-) ) excuse me ! haha it was late and i didn´t check it , when i wrote it down .



Music from the US – RIP Ray Manzarek – The Doors

Ray Manzarek – keyboarder of the legendary Doors , died Monday 5-20-2013 at the age of 74. He formed together with Jim Morison the group the Doors

Here is their song – Riders on the Storm

Music from the UK – Paul McCartney

All the best from the World Music Team

I think i don’t have to introduce you to Paul, everyone knows him . I saw this beautiful and romantic video and i decided, no i was forced to share it with you :-) believe me haha and have fun with Johnny’s and Natalie’s performance.