Eurovision Song Contest: Netherlands – Joan Franka

Joan Franka, born in 1990, as child of a turkish father and a dutch mother, is a dutch pop singer and candidate for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku. Here’s her song “You and Me”:

Eurovision Song Contest: Azerbaijan – Sabina

Azerbaijan will be the host of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, and here’s their candidate called Sabina with her song “When the Music Dies“:

Eurovision Song Contest: Bosnia & Herzegovina – Maya Sar

Today, the cadidate from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Maya Sar, with her ballad “Korake ti znam”:

Eurovision Song Contest: San Marino – Valentina Monetta

Today, more Eurovision Song Contest music, and the candidate from San Marino, Valentina Monetta,a pop singer born in 1975 with her song for Baku called “Una Giornata Bellissima“: :)

Eurovision Song Contest: Moldova – Pasha Parfeny

Today another song for Baku 2012: Pasha Parfeny and his nice song “Lautar“:

Listen to the other Eurovion Songs here: