Music from the UK/Guayana – Ram John Holder

Ram John Holder (born 1934, Guyana) is a British actor. Holder began his performing career as a folk singer in New York. In 1962 he came to London and worked with Pearl Connor’s Negro Theatre Workshop initially as a musician, and later as an actor.

Holder is a talented musician, who has recorded a number of albums: Black London Blues (1969), Bootleg Blues (1971), You Simply Are… (1975) and Ram Blues & Soul. He has also released various singles and contributed to soundtracks for film and television, including three songs for the film adaptation of Take a Girl Like You.(wikipedia)

Music from Guyana – Eddy Grant

Eddy Grant, born in 1948 in Guyana, and emigrated to the UK when he was young. With his great reggae-influented songs, he had a huge success. Here’s his nice song “Gimme Hope Joanna“, a classic against apartheid in South Africa: