Music from Jamaica -Ijahman Levi ( Trevor Sutherland )

Ijahman Levi (born 1946 in Manchester Parish, Jamaica as Trevor Sutherland) is a roots-reggae musician. His debut album, Haile I Hymn was released in 1978 under the label Iceland Records. His nickname Ijahman Levi he received after he converted to the Rastafari movement, as he sat 1972-1974 in prison.

Here is his song ” Jah is no secret” from his debut album “Haile i Hymn”

Christmas Songs: Music from Mexico – Coro y Orquesta Ecos en el Desierto

Coro y Orquesta Ecos en el Desierto are a mexican orchestra from Torreón. Listen to their great version of “Venid, fieles todos”:

Music from El Salvador/Mexico/ the US – Mayaztek

Mayaztek is a group of musicians from El Salvador, Mexico, and Los Angeles. They are performing a blend of Cumbia, Reggae, and Punk. Listen to their nice song “Different Day” and watch the nice music video!

Music from Mexico – Rodrigo y Gabriela

Rodrigo y Gabriela is the second studio album by Mexican musical duo Rodrigo y Gabriela. It was first released in Ireland on February 17, 2006, where it debuted at #1 on the Irish Albums Chart. The album included covers of Led Zeppelin’s”Stairway to Heaven” and Metallica’s “Orion”, two artists whom the duo say influenced their music.

The song “Tamacun ” has been also part of the Soundtrack of the Pilot of “Breaking Bad ” Season 1

Music from Mexico – Los Cuates de Sinaloa

Negro y Azul from the soundtrack of the 7th episode of the 2nd season of Breaking Bad. It  opens by sampling Negro Y Azul, a narcocorrido ( a drug song ) by Los Cuates de Sinaloa, cowritten by Vince Gilligan, inspired by the events depicted in the series, also called the Heisenberg song

Here you can find a good interview with the band explaining


Music from Jamaica – Dave Barker

Dave Barker (born David John Crooks, 10 October 1948, Franklyn Town, Kingston, Jamaica) is a reggae and rocksteady singer who has made a string of solo albums along with recordings as a member of The Techniques and as half of the duo Dave and Ansell Collins.

Here is his song “Your Love is a game ”



Music from Jamaica – Desmond Craig

Artist Bio : Desmond Craig, started music aged 17. First time in studio playing keyboards on tracks for Linton Kwesi Johnson’s debut album “Dread Beat and Blood”. I recorded a track from the same album and it was released in 1977 on the Jah Lion label entitled “Jack the Ripper”. It achieved no.9 in the British Reggae Charts. Six years later I formed a band “Camajia” an anagram of the word, Jamaica with musicians: Joel Wright- drums, Neville- bass guitar, Gordon- lead guitar, Clive Laws- keyboards, Neville “Reuben” Wright- percussions and I on guitar & lead vocals; releasing a 7′ single entitled “Education”. The song went on to attract support due to the relevance of its lyrical content for the times. It was played mainly by Roots DJ’s of the era and was a hit with Jah Shaka and Mannaseh Hi Fi. Another single entitled “Bun Bun” & “Preacher Boy” followed on the B.P. label. This followed by “Signs” which was released on the “UpTempo” label and this was when I was given the name Bob Skeng by Steve (UpTempo), who thought Desmond sounded bland, plus my style of ad-libbing helped to create the name. Further tracks were released on the “First Dan” label: “I’m Not a King,” “Baby I Want You,” “Picture Lover” and “Gold Cup” featuring the Firehouse Crew. During the late ‘80’s thru to the early ‘90’s I decided to take a break. Fellow artists have always encouraged me to continue as it sounded good to them, my form of word phrasing and also my melody. In 2008, and at this point I must Big Up Nick Mannaseh and John from Roots Gardens. It was through Manasseh’s encouragement that I decided to finally “give it another shot”. Mannaseh produced my first of 2 tracks. Having got back the taste for recording and writing I decided to re-enter music but as a Dub Poet. I was introduced to a band called “Soothsayers” and with whom i recorded the dub poetry track called “Mama Seh.” Hence this lead to the culmination of various tracks recorded and produced with a variety of producers and musicians. (from Reverbnation )