Music from Belgium/ Switzerland – Pixie Paris // Electro Pop

Pixie Paris, consisting of Cindy (vocals) from Belgium, now living in Hamburg and the Swiss musician Matete is a very interesting project. Have a listen to their nice song “Es Rappelt Im Karton”:

Music from Switzerland – Christian Zehnder

Christian Zehnder is a singer, componist and musician from Sitzerland. He is really a voice artist , combining the Jodeling from his home country with the overtone singing from Mongolia .

Watch him sing “Picnicwith a monk ” a live performance in the chappel of Romainmontier

and a documentary , featuring Hun Huur Tur from Mongolia (with english subtitle)


Music from Switzerland/Germany – Boy

Boy is a Swiss-German pop duo founded in 2007 by singer Valeska Steiner and bassist Sonja Glass.  A band of two sexy ladies named Boy – go figure!  We previously featured this band and their single “Little Numbers“.  Here is their wonderful cover of the Coldplay hit “Yellow”.

The xworldmusic public award winner: THE DENTALS

Who of you may have thought this – the swiss indie pop band The Dentals won our xworldmusic public award for the best song in 2012 for “Give Me A Second Chance”. Actually, it’s not just for this song, also for their great album “Tennessee“, and their really funny alco pop music! At all, they got 60 of 104 votes!

Public Award 2012

Congrats to them, and may they have a great future!

Christmas Song: Music from Switzerland – The Dentals

The Dentals are a swiss band, formed in 2002, while they were waiting in the waiting room of a dentist. We featured them already, but actually they’re still too good not be blogged 100 times!
Until christmas, of course we’d again feature some christmas songs, so, here’s the first: “Letscht Wiehnacht”, a cover of Last Christmas:

Find out more about them here

Music from Switzerland – Grauzone

Grauzone, formed in 1980, was a swiss “Neue Deutsche Welle” and post-punk group. With their nice song “Eisbär”, also containing some electro elements, they reached the charts in Austria and Germany. Really a classic during the 80s! This video was remastered in 2010:




Music from Switzerland – Plassix

Plassix is swiss DJ and electronic music producer. Here’s his great relaxing song “Impulsiv”:

Music from Switzerland – Eliana Burki

Eliana Burki born 1983 in Solothurn , Switzerland  , a Jazz musician from there , is well known for playing the alphorn . She established the term ” Funky Swiss Alphorn” in Funk, Pop and  Jazz songs .

Here is her title “Vaccum Funk ” ( really crazy )

Music from Switzerland – 77 Bombay Street

77 Bombay Street was founded 2007  in Switzerland by the four brothers Matt ,Joe ,Esra and Simri Ramon . They play Indie and Folk rock , here is their song “Up in the sky ”

Thanks to my dear friend Myriam from Switzerland who introduced  today evening this band to me , which she admires a lot ……

Music from Switzerland – Boy

Boy is a Swiss-German pop duo founded in 2007 by singer Valeska Steiner and bassist Sonja Glass. The two met while at a pop-music course at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg in 2005. The band initially played concerts exclusively,before being discovered and signed to Herbert Grönemeyer’s label, Grönland Records, in 2011.[3] Their debut album, Mutual Friends was produced by Philip Steinke and released in the autumn of 2011. The band sings entirely English in a style reminiscent of that of Leslie Feist.(wiki )

Here is their newest single “Little Numbers ”