Music from Poland/ India/ Spain – Indialucia // World Music

Indialucia is a World Music and fusion band, playing flamenco and Indian music. Listen to their great song “Nandi”:

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Music from Spain – Ketama & Manzanita

José Manuel Ortega Heredia, with his artist name Manzanita , born  in Madrid, February 7th 1956 – died 6th of septembre 2004) a famous singer and guitarplayer in Spain

Ketama , a spanish flamenco fusion band founded 1984 -2004

they are playing “Verde ”

Music from Spain – Paco de Lucia R.I.P.

Paco de Lucia, born in 1947, was a great Spanish virtuoso flamenco guitarist from Andalusia. He brought the flamenco from Spain to the world. He is said to have died in the Mexican resort of Cancun as a result of a heart attack on thuesday.Rest in Peace! Listen to his concert live in Pula in 2006:

Msuic from Spain – Camaron de las Isla (Jose Munjo Cruz )

Camarón de la Isla (5 December 1950 – 2 July 1992), was the stage name of a Spanish flamenco singer José Monje Cruz. Considered one of the all time greatest flamenco singers, he was noted for his collaborations with Paco de Lucia andTomatito, and between them they were of major importance to the revival of flamenco in the second half of the 20th century. (wiki)

Here is his song Na Es Eterna

Music from Spain – Luis Delgado

Luis Delgado (born July 16, 1956 in Madrid) is a Spanish artist, creating music which contains Andalusian, oriental and modern elements. Delgado has made a CD with a collection of poems by Ibn al-Zaqqaq set to music. It is called El sueno de Al-Zaqqaq.

Here is his song “El Diwan de Las Poetisas ”

Music from Spain – Cut Your Hair

Cut Your Hair is a confusing band name as this is the name of a popular song by American rock band Pavement.  Anyway, Cut Your Hair are a Spanish Trio who have released their first single “Mad Love” – great sounding song.  Their album is due for release in April.