Music from Greece – One Hour Before The Trip

One Hour Before The Trip is an experimental indie band from Athens. Listen to their song “Vagabond”:

Music from Greece – Kako Synapantima

During the last 8 years, Kako Synapantima has gradually become a 9-member reggae-dub band. The main feature of the band is their socially-orientated, specifically Greek lyrics, Greek, which are consistent with their 15-year career. The members’ diverse musical influences are reflected in their reggae music, which is unique and versatile. The band has appeared in many Greek villages and towns and have taken part in a variety of festivals that reflect their work. They have also featured as a support band for world-renowned top reggae bands (groundation, dun inc etc.). In 2008 they released their first personal album as a band. The cd, that bears their name, was produced independently and has sold out.

Here is their song “Banania ” (Banania is a popular chocolate drink found most widely distributed in France. It is made from cocoa, banana flour, cereals, honey and sugar. There are two types of Banania available in French supermarkets: ‘traditional’ which must be cooked with milk for 10 minutes, and ‘instant’ which can be prepared in similar fashion to Nesquik.)

Music from Greece – Mikis Theodorakis

Mikis Theodorakis , composer , poet and politician , most people know his musical work from the filmmusic he wrote for films like Serpico ( with Al Pacino ) or Zorba the Greek (Anthony Quinn). He wrote also folk songs which became famous all over Greece like this one Arnisis or Sto perigiali ( here performed by Mario Frangoulis )

Music from Greece – Tango with Lions

The news are full of bad news from Greece every day. But a hopeful message was the song “In a Bar”, which I found today. It’s from an acoustic, pop and indie group from Athens:

Eurovision Song Contest: Greece – Eleftheria Eleftheriou

Today, Eleftheria Eleftheriou from Greece with her song for Baku 2012 called “Aphrodisiac“: