Music from New Zealand – Kimbra

Most of you will know Kimbra from her being featured in Goyte’s smash hit “Somebody I used to Know”.  She has released her debut solo album Vows, it has spawned 3 hit singles, certified platinum and won her the ARIA (Australian Grammy) for best female artist.  This is her single “Good Intent”.

Music from New Zealand – Avalanche City

Updated song: I think now, you all know this nice song, but when I posted it here, it wasn’t so popular ;)

Avalanche City is a folk rock band from Auckland, New Zealand. Here is their first single, “Love, Love, Love“[,which was a success!]

Music from New Zealand – Black River Drive

Black River Drive are a four member alternative rock band from Auckland, formed in 2008.  This is their single “Bullet of your Gun” which reached #1 on New Zealand radio charts and was a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition.


Music from New Zealand – Princess Chelsea

Princess Chelsea is a solo rocording project Chelsea Nikkel from Auckland, New Zealand.  Here’s the song “The Cigarette Duet”:

Music from New Zealand – Avalanche City

Avalanche City is a fantastic indie rock band from Auckland, New Zealand, here’s their nice song “Love Don’t Leave“:

Listen to their other songs too!

Music from New Zealand – Luke Thompson

Luke Thompson is a 24-years old singer and songwriter from New Zealand performing acoustic and pop music. Here’s his great song “Water“, an important theme for me and in future. So, here’s another message: Don’t waste too much water!

Music from New Zealand – OMC

OMC was a two member pop and rockgroup from Auckland formed in 1993. Their end was in 2010, when Pauly Fuemana, the young brother of Phil Fuemana died in the young age of 40 years. They’re best known for their song “How Bizarre“, a typical One-Hit-Wonder:

This was a Music-Suggestion from Mobius, thanks!