Music from Kazakhstan – Ulytau

Ulytau (Kazakh: Ұлытау, literally meaning “the holy mountain”, is a popular instrumental folk metal trio from Kazakhstan. Their music combines the sound of the violin and electric guitar with the dombra, a traditional two stringed instrument from their country. (wiki ) Here is their Korgol

Music from Kazakhstan – Urker

Urker ( Kazakh: Үркер, Russian: Уркер) is a Kazakh pop-folk group established in 1994. They have toured internationally in Germany, France, Turkey, Turkmenistan, and the United States.

Urker a rock band from Kazakhstan here with their song “Tugan Elim” , hear the sound of folkloric guitars combined with modern rock music , awesome

Music from Kazakhstan – Magic of Nomads

Magic of Nomads is a Jazz ensemble from Kazakhstan. Please be patient , take time to  hear this piece , it develops i promise you ! It´s a combination of folk , Jazz and overtone vocals really amazing , unfortunatley i don´t understand the kyrillic name of the song …..

From the homepage : The Magic of Nomads is a kazakhstani jazz/fusion band performing the national kazakh music in modern jazz arrangements. The band is comprised of professional musicians, each of whom is a bright individual, which makes their music an outstanding cultural experience. The band from Kazakhstan recorded album “Bulbul Zaman” in one of the best recording studios Abbey Road in London, for the first time ever in the history of national culture.