Music from Japan – Kitarō // New Age

Kitarō, born in 1953, is a Japanese musician, composer and record producer from Toyohashi. He is regarded as pioneer of new age music and won the Grammy and the Golden Globe Award. Listen to his absolutely amazing piece “Silk Road”:

Music from Japan – Kodo

Kodo is a japanese Taiko Drum ensemble, founded 1976 under the name Sado non Kuni – Ondekoza , they gave their debut under the new  name 1981 on the Berlin Festival. Kodo means “Children of Drums ” or in another meaning “Heartbeat”, the band consists of 24 artists

Here is their sample “Spirit of Taiko ”


Music from Japan – FreeTEMPO

FreeTEMPO is a chilled music project from Japan. Listen to their nice song “Sky High”:

Music from Japan – Electric Eel Shock

” Rock n Roll can rescue the world !” what a great message from these three guys from Japan, Osaka founded 1997.  Inspired by british and american  hard rock bands like Black Sabbath , Judas Priest , Twisted Sisters and Van Halen they play a straight and good garage guitar hard and heavy wonderful awesome ( is there another superlative i forgot ??9 rock , here is their song  with the same name ……..


double peace,  my friends ^^