Music from Zimbabwe – Stella Chiweshe

Stella Chiweshe (also Stella Rambisai Chiweshe, Stella Rambisai Chiweshe Nekati, or Stella Nekati Chiweshe, born ate Mujumi Village, Mhondoro, Zimbabwe, 8 July 1946) is a Zimbabwean musician. She is internationally known for her singing and playing of the mbira dzavadzimu, a traditional instrument of the Shona people of Zimbabwe. She is one of the few female players of the instrument, which she learned to play from 1966 to 1969 when even fewer females played the instrument. Here is the song “Chachimurenga “

Music from Zimbabwe – Thomas Mapfumo

As you know, the Mbira is one of the most exciting instruments for me: just a little finger-piano with great sounds. And one of its maestro’s is the Zimbabwean musician Thomas Mapfumo. Here’s his nice song “Nyama Yekugocha”:

Listen to Shumba

Music from Zimbabwe – Cynthia Mare

Cynthia Mare is one of wonderful voices from Zimbabwe. Here is her song “Catch me when I fall”

Music from Zimbabwe – Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi

I want to present, Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi from Zimbabwe. Oliver born in 1952 in Highfield, Salisbury, began performing in 1977 and released 49 albums. He won everything you can imagine from music awards  in his Country.  Here is the song “Tozeza Baba”

Music from Zimbabwe – Mbira DzeNharira

You know, I really like mbira music, so it’s time for more: The Mbira DzeNharira is a zimbabwean music ensemble playing Mbira songs. Here’s their great song “Tozvireva Tingaputike Neshungu”:

Listen to Kumatender

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