Music from Togo – Jey Liba

Jey – Liba is a duet of artists from Togo (BEN and BILL), two young modern griots who inspire from various traditions. They make us discover « Cool Catché », the new tendency making the Togolese people proud. To move forward and gain their place among African music leaders, the group has worked to become the best in their genre. « Cool Catché » simply means « cool » in the hood. Just like Coupé-Décalé, « Cool Catché » is a dance from Togo which is becoming as famous and as entertaining.  Here is their song “Coloniser”



Music from Togo – Yao Bobby

Yao Bobby is a west african rap and hip-hop musician, who released his first solo album ‘Histoires d’un continent’ in 2012. Before this he was the former of the first rap crew in Togo, Djanta Kann. His new album is an awesome mix of world, traditional western african instruments accompanied by his great voice. All in all it’s great traditional mixed with some rap. My favourite song is “Memoire d’un continent”:

“For all lovers of African Music, Yao Bobby is a must listen. His spoken words, rap and traditional sounds are still amazing. Try the journey!”

Listen to the awesome good full album ‘Histoires d’un continent’: