Music from Namibia – Namib Marimbas

The Namib Marimbas is a music group founded 1988 in  Walvis Bay /Namibia .

From their Homepage :


The music, of which we have composed many songs ourselves, expresses the love of our beautiful African country, Namibia. We believe that our music can build bridges and we wish to deliver a message: That of respect for the culture of our ancestors and hope for a peaceful future.
We welcome exposure to the music of other cultures, and regard this as an ongoing learning process.

This is their song “Grazing back home ” a track from 2006 filmed in the dunes outside of Swapokmund

Music from Namibia – Tura Horns

Tura Horns is a namibian musician from Windhoek. Listen to his ncie track “Vyuoje”:

Music from Namibia – Jackson Kaujeua

Jackson Kaujeua, full name Jackson Muningandu Kaujeua, (3 July 1953 – 27 May 2010) was a Namibian musician, composer and gospel singer, and a veteran of the Namibian struggle for independence. He sang in various Namibian languages including Afrikaans and English. Here is the song “Kalahari”

Music from Namibia – Ozoseua

I don´t know more about this Namibian woman but I like to much this music and hope you like too “Ozosewa”

Music from Namibia – Gal Level

Gal Level is an award-winning R&B girl duo from Windhoek, Namibia, made up of Daphne Willibard (1 April 1981) and Frieda Haindaka (1 February 1984). They are very popular in Southern Africa. Here´s their song “Falling In Love”

Music from Namibia – Ras Sheehama

Ras Sheehama, born in 1966 in northern Namibia is a Namibian reggae musician. The political pro-SWAPO stance of his father forced him into exile in 1979 to Angola and Zambia. During the time at a highschool in Lagos, Nigeria between 84 and 88 he played in several Reggae bands. Here´s his song “Pure Love”