Music from Portugal – Allen Halloween

Allen Halloween is a musician, singer and producer of rap. Born in Guinea – Bissau, with four years he moved to Portugal.

A song that relfecte the sorrowful life (and dreams…) of a man who lives under the bridge.


Music from Guinea Bissau – Tabanka Djaz

Tambanka Djaz is music band from Guinea-Disseau. Here their song “Brincadera di aós”

Music from Guinea-Bsseau -José Carlos Schwarz

Guinea is now living a bad political moment and I hope this music from José Carlos Schwarz leave a bit of peace. “Si bu sta dianti na Luta” (if you are in fight)


Music from Guinea-Bissau – Patche di Rima

Patche di Rima, from Guinea-Bissau, this beautiful country still fight for peace and we can find it on their music. “Siko”