Music from Algeria – Aziza Brahim

Aziza Brahimi, born in 1976 in the sahrawi refugee camps in Algeria. In 1995 Brahim won the ‘1st National Song Contest‘ of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. After a tour through Europe, she became more and more popular and released her first albums. Have a listen to her wonderful song “Lagi”:

Music from Algeria – Patrick Bruel

Patrick Bruel, born in 1959 in Algeria is a french singer. Although Bruel dreamed to be a football star as a yong boy, he decided to pursue singing after seeing Michel Sardou in 1975. Listen to his nice song “Au Café des Délices”:

Music from Algeria – Gnawa Diffusion

Gnawa Diffusion is a French-Algerian musical group created June 27, 1992 at Grenoble  around Amazigh Kateb, son of Algerian writer Kateb Yacine.
The texts of the group are in Arabic, French and English. The rhythms are very mixed race: a mix of rock, reggae, etc., and different music of Algeria as the styles Chaabi, Gnawa, etc..

Here is their song ” Saharagga” , the second one is a live clip

Music from Algeria – Djazia Satour

Djazia Satour, born December 9, 1980, is an Algerian singer living in France since 1990. Djazia Satour grew up in Algiers. She arrived in Grenoble in 1990. At age 15, she discovered the music studio and touring with the  band Gnawa Diffusion where she was active for 4 years in the choir. She was 19 years old when the band MIG establishes around her  voice. The adventure will last six years. ( Hope i´ve translated everything well from the french language , i´m really rusty in this point   :-) )

Here is her song ” Klami ”

Music from Algeria /Egypt – Karima Nayt

Karima Nayt grew up in Algeria, achieved in Cairo as a dancer and singer  international fame, and now lives in Sweden.

Nayt sings of the Algerian civil war and its aftermath, the threat to freedom by dictatorships, the needs of young women in a crusted patriarchy and pretense unattainable material values ​​through the media, which pursue more and more young people.

Here is her song ” Djazair”

Music from Algeria – Labess

The band  LABESS has been founded 2003 (Labess means “everything becomes good ” in arabic language ) ) The first album Labess “TOUT VA BIEN” has been  nominated at the Gala A.DI.SQ 2007 for Best Album of the Year in Music world, they have been also nominated for the Canadian Music Awards.

Here is their song “El kess ydour”

Music from Algeria – Nadir Leghrib

Born in 1984, Nadir Leghrib is a young artist “bonois” . He became known at first by his covers of the grungeband “Nirvana”  hence the nickname “Nadir Nirvana.” Thereafter, he began to write his own lyrics and composing his own music. He created a new style which  could be called the “chaabi-grunge.” This is poetry from the current popular language which was born . A funny and moving  language.
In his songs, he sings about  the daily life of young Algerian : social problems, heart, disillusionment. (translation of the Youtube-video comment )

Here is his song “Win Houma”