Music from the UK – Depeche Mode

Anyone who was around in the 80’s knows this band well.  They have had 48 chart singles and released 12 albums, two of those debuting at #1.  Well the band from England are back (and slightly older) with a new album Delta Machine.  This is the new song “Heaven” off that album.  Also see our past post with one of their older songs “Enjoy the Silence“.

Music from the UK – Graham Parker

Graham Parker is a British singer song-writer that began his career in the 70’s.  In 1975 he formed Graham Parker and the Rumour, they released seven albums.  Graham Parker solo has released fourteen albums.  This man is an amazing song-writer and one of my favorite albums is The Up Escalator from 1980.  This is the single “Stupefaction.”

Music from Scotland – Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol are an alternative band out of Dendee, Scotland that formed in 1994.  The band has released six albums.  This is by far my favorite song of theirs, a truly beautiful song, “Chasing Cars.”  Also watch our previously posted song,”Shut Your Eyes.”

Music from Germany – Thomas Azier

Thomas Azier is an electronic-pop artist based in Berlin.  Early in 2012 he released his debut EP Hylas 001 featuring the single “Red Eyes”, a live favorite of audiences across Europe and the United States. In October he released a 2nd EP Hylas 002, and contains the this single “Angelene”.  Azier wrote and produced all of the songs himself, with only help from co-producer and sound designer Robin Hunt. During an extensive tour in 2012 Thomas presented his new material live on stage, while also supporting Woodkid on several live dates. The 24-year old multi-instrumentalist is now working on his biggest project yet; his debut album. The third part within the Hylas trilogy, due out in the late 2013.

Music from the US – Better Than Ezra

Better Than Ezra are an alternative band that formed in 1988.  The band was big in the ’90s and have released seven albums.  This is an incredible band and they still tour so look out for them.  This is one of my favorite songs of theirs “Our Last Night”

Music from South Africa – The Parlotones

I had previously posted on The Parlotones but I am bringing this to you again as today on Facebook they announced that this video “Honey Spiders” has been nominated for Best Music Video Of the Year, as well as “Dragonflies and Astronauts” being nominated for Best Live DVD.  Well done guys and please if you haven’t seen this video previously you have to check it out!

Music from the US – Vanna

This one is for fans of hardcore music! Vanna is a hardcore punk band from Boston.  The band formed in 2004 and have released four studio albums, the latest being A Few and Far Between which was released this week. This is their new single off the album, “Year of the Rat.”

Music from Australia – Ball Park Music

Ball Park Music are a five-piece indie rock band from Brisbane.  The band formed in 2008 and in 2010 they were named ‘one of the 20 best new bands’ in Australia.  They have released two albums and this is their fantastic song “It’s Nice to be Alive” which comes off of their 2011 album Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs.


Music from Mali – Rokia Traoré

Rokia Traoré award-winning Malian singer, songwriter and guitarist.  Born in Mali as a member of the Bambara ethnic group, her father was a diplomat and she travelled widely in her youth.  She has released five albums the latest being Beautiful Africa released this year.  This is her song “Sabali“, the video is accompanied by a wonderful slideshow featuring Africa and its poeple.

Music from Norway – Young Dreams

Young Dreams are a band from Bergen, Norway.  They have a new album Between Places.  This is the music video for the song “First Days of Something“.  The music video feels more like a short film with an excellent soundtrack.  The band describe their album is “about documenting and capturing the sound of people trying the best they can. And that’s maybe one of the most beautiful things in the world.”