Adjiri Odametey – Dzen

 Adjiri Odametey

Genre: World Music

©Adjiri Odametey
©Adjiri Odametey

The Ghanaian world musician Adjiri Odametey, born in 1963 in Accra and now living in Bavaria, released his fourth album called “Dzen” by africmelo records.

My first thoughts while I was listening to this amazing album: my soul travels far away.

The album “Dzen” demonstrates that the Ghanaian musician Adjiri Odametey has absulutely reached the top of African World Music. With his warm voice and heartful ryhthms he lets your soul travel through the different sounds of Ghana. Absolutely outstanding!

After releasing three wonderful CDs, Adjiri Odametey became more and more succesful. His album “Dzen” is a real master piece and result of the great composure of various African instruments. The interaction of these instruments reinforced with the strength of his warm voice makes these songs fascinating and catchy. He pronounces his music with rousing rhythms and melancholic stillness. Singing in English and Gaa, Adjiri gives his songs a special touch. The lyrics speak of love and faith and also include insistent calls to care more about our world ( As a multi-instrumentalist Adjiri Odametey has played all the instruments recorded for this CD by himself (kora, mbira, kalimba, guitar, balafon and percussion) and wrote and composed all songs and lyrics. After spending a long time producing the album, he released “Dzen”, what means world in english and is perfectly fitting to the genre and his – and also my vision of world music! Music that connects the world, whose rhythm and melodies build bridges among cultures ( But “Dzen” is even more than a world music album – it’s also influenced by african pop rhythms, afrobeat and even some reggae elements.

A nice compilation of his album “Dzen”:

Hope you’ll like this great album too!

More information: Official Site // Facebook // Buy this album: german order & Amazon

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