7 thoughts on “Dances from Africa

  1. Good présentation I mean good idea, but I watched all dance and I saw that central africa wasn’t répresente like makossa, ndombolo, bikutsi, mutuashi….. they are many I am sorry but is true Or it’s better to change the title as: Somes Dances from Africa….
    But I appreciated the idea… Nice

    1. thank you casman for this comment , putting up a list of everything in life is always an impossible task, you will always miss out an important detail

    2. Totally agree Casmandoens. A very good idea but maybe, as you suggest, a better title would have been An A-Z of some dances from Africa. While I understand the point that Stan is making about the difficulty of choosing from a huge selection, the danger of the current title is that it is affirmative leading to a suggestion that the dances presented are quite representative of Africa when then are every so slightly representative of the full plate of the A-Z of dances from Africa. Good idea though

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