Wir und die Anderen – unsichtbar

Wir und die Anderen (WudA): unsichtbar

Genre: Acoustic Hip-Hop


The german acoustic hip-hop band Wir und die Anderen (WudA) from Ingolstadt released their first album ‘unsichtbar’ the 1st march 2013. Now we got it, and I’ve to say it’s amazing!

Wir und die Anderen are 8 musicians, calling themselfs as average (but they are even more – or they compliment each other very good) having fun to entertain the audience. They were formed in late 2010 and had their first succes soon at the Emergenza contest. They are mixing acoustic pop elements with hip-hop. Their songs are about nearly all things and invite you to party with them.

“Acoustic Hip-Hop is a great genre to mediate their interesting messages (eg. “Kranke Welt”) and fully worth listening!”

They are the “rappers” CHILLY and FLOW, their backround-singers LENA and SIZLEY. DODO and TOMMY, are supporting the vocals and playing the guitar. DAVID and DINO are as a “special feature” playing the cello and the cajon and giving their songs another touch.

Listen to their songs “König der Lüfte”:

“Kranke Welt”:

More information: Official Site // Facebook // Buy this album

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