Ego vs. Emo – Ego vs. Emo

I think it was about one year ago, when I wrote the first time with Tobi from Ego vs. Emo. Now, they released their first album ‘Ego vs. Emo’ on September 20 2013.

Ego vs. Emo: Ego vs. Emo

Genre: Electro, Balkan, Fusion

Ego vs. Emo is a german electro, balkan and fusion band from Göttingen. The three musicians are playing a live violin, saxophone and drums and are completed by a soundman on stage. Their music is a really interesting mix from balkan to electro through deep melodies and harmful sounds. The album text ‘Live Balkan Break Beat’ is fitting perfectly to the genre and says all about it: COME TO SEE US LIVE TO PARTY WITH US AND DANCE !

Ego Vs Emo PressPic

The songs, titled with numbers, are even better than the numbers seems to be. Right now in university, everything is full of math, so it’s absolutely awesome to see musicial numbers ;)

They released this benefit CD for the antifascist press archive , great idea! This antifascist press archive is working against the extreme right in Germany. They are e.g. writing a german NSU blog for the latest racist scandal.

Listen to the full album:

I’m very glad to feature them here, although the review is a bit short, but that’s just because my time is full of maths these weeks….

More information: Official Site // Facebook // Buy this album on Egotop Rec, Amazon or iTunes

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