#60 – The Human League – Being Boiled (Fast Product) 78

Music from the UK – Human League (music from my Youth )

100 Records That Set The World On Fire

The Human League are an English electronic New Wave band formed in Sheffield in 1977. The band had an early hit with “Being Boiled”, but achieved greater fame after a membership change in 1980. Dare (1981), the band’s most popular album, yielded the single “Don’t You Want Me”, a No. 1 hit in the pop charts of UK, US and many other countries. Other international hits include: “Love Action”, “Open Your Heart”, “Mirror Man”, “Fascination”, “The Lebanon”, “Human” (a US No. 1) and “Tell Me When”. (wikipedia)

“Being Boiled” was first released as a single in 1978 on the Fast Product label, and although failing to chart, was influential amongst other new waveand post-punk artists. In 1987 this version was added as a bonus track to the CD edition of the Reproduction album. Although the Blind Youth fan page  claims that on the vinyl edition the song was characterized by a faded ending, the CD reissue has a sudden ending.

A totally re-recorded version of “Being Boiled” was included…

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