Music from the US – Richie Havens R.I.P.

A glory moment at the Woodstock Festival – a cry for freedom , impressive – Richie Havens an US American Folk singer became famous with this song , 400000  people at the festival heard his voice and stood up for freedom

Richie Havens died yesterday at the age of 72 by a heartattack.  Richie has been the unplanned opening act of the Woodstock festival , because the stars could not get through the crowd in time . With his songs “Freedom”, “High Flying Bird” or  “I Can’t Make It Anymore” he fascinated the public also with his cover versions of “Eleanor Rigby” or “here comes the sun”  (beatles)

In his 30 years active time as a musician he published 30 longplayer

5 thoughts on “Music from the US – Richie Havens R.I.P.

      1. Sorry! I would like to have been there – but no…..
        But we have our own Roskilde Festival – I was there around 1970 to the first festival, and they are still going strong ;-)

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