Music from Germany – Thomas Azier

Thomas Azier is an electronic-pop artist based in Berlin.  Early in 2012 he released his debut EP Hylas 001 featuring the single “Red Eyes”, a live favorite of audiences across Europe and the United States. In October he released a 2nd EP Hylas 002, and contains the this single “Angelene”.  Azier wrote and produced all of the songs himself, with only help from co-producer and sound designer Robin Hunt. During an extensive tour in 2012 Thomas presented his new material live on stage, while also supporting Woodkid on several live dates. The 24-year old multi-instrumentalist is now working on his biggest project yet; his debut album. The third part within the Hylas trilogy, due out in the late 2013.


3 thoughts on “Music from Germany – Thomas Azier

  1. Hi Wendy he is born in the Netherlands and settled at the age of 19 to Berlin
    but okay he produced the new stuff there so let us declare him a german ^^

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