11 Questions to Konschti from Aural Pleasure

Hey! Today, we’ve something special for you: 11 questions to Konschti from Aural Pleasure, one of the greatest and most relaxed YouTube channels. He’s a young bavarian fan of chilled music and promotes artists one his channel. Have a look to his playlist:

1. Hey Konschti, why did you start the channel aural pleasure?
Actually I never really “started” this channel… I signed up on YouTube as a normal guy with an account like 6 years ago. My first upload for example was a video of a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Munich! Then I started to upload tracks I like and which haven’t been on YT so far. This went on for like 3 years just for fun and by the time I recognized that more and more people subscribed to the channel I named it aural pleasure and it was getting a bit more professional from now on.

2. What’s your aim?
First I thought “Ok when I could get 1 million views I’m happy and if I get banned (copyright infringements didn’t mean that much too me that time :P) I’m ok with that. But within the last year the channel kind of exploded and the numbers of subs (from 900 to over 18,800) and views (from like 500,000 to 13,900,000) have risen extremely. More attention for the channel means that more and more artists ask you to upload their tracks and in the meantime I don’t have to search for new tracks anymore they just come to me. So my actual aim has become to support young producers from all over the world and help them to get attention by a bigger, international audience.

 3. Favorite Song(s)?
That’s a hard question but if I had to decide it would probably be “Strobe” by Deadmau5. This song is so damn intense and I had many great moments with it. But I try to save it for these great moments and not just listen to it while browsing through facebook or 9gag that would totally ruin the emotional effect this song can have. But this is just my favorite electronic track I like other genres to.

4. Singles or albums?
I think that would be “Berlin Calling” by Paul Kalkbrenner. I know this may sound strange since that album and especially “Sky and Sand” became mainstream (my hipster-me has to say I knew it long before it was played on every radio station). But I guess this is a side effect of a perfect produced album where every single tune has something special and you immediately know which one it is. Like “Strobe” you shouldn’t listen to it too often, otherwise you can’t hear it anymore.

5. 1 Million visits. What did you feel then?
Well…I have to admit I hear that the first time :D It’s more the numbers of subscriptions & views I have in mind but I’m always happy and surprised about those numbers of course!

6. Do you produce yourself too?
No. Never really tried and I think it’s hard to learn without any musical knowledge. You simply don’t have the feeling for which tunes harmonize with each other when you’ve never played an instrument. But I started making mixtapes just for fun. There’s one up on my fan page on facebook if you want to have a look/listen on my (not that good) skills! I don’t consider myself as a DJ though.

7. Do you have any tips to young producers?
They should have a certain amount of self-esteem and do whatever they like. Then ask some friends and people who know something about the genre to get tips or just to get the honest advise to stop making music :D If their music gets discovered by a label or guys like me who could possibly help to get attention the success will come even if it takes some time!

8. When did you start listening to this kind of music?
I think I started with about 14 years but more with mainstream Dance music and found my way to this genre. But I think the own taste of music can change quite fast over the years!

9. Where do you get your catching images from?
I don’t want to name my sources but if you really want to know it just follow the link in the video description and you will find some websites I often use ;) I just try to find pictures that somehow fit to the track and not pick a random half naked woman to get more views like some other channels do. My method worked out well so far because it’s the music that makes the people stay and enjoy your videos!

10. What are your greatest hobbies? Just relaxing with relaxed beats? Or travelling?
Besides music (and all the social media stuff that comes with the channel) there’re sports like skiing, football and climbing (none of these professional), chillin’ with friends and a good Bavarian beer, clubbing, travelling and a bit of photography.

11. Last question: Isn’t it still a very hard job, to post so many videos, and upload them?
It wasn’t until about 4 months ago. Now I get so many messages and to be honest I don’t want to answer everyone because it simply takes too much time besides studying. I recently changed that by creating a group on soundcloud where anyone can submit his track and I just pick out the songs I like. So nobody gets disappointed when he doesn’t get an answer and I got more time for the videos =) Posting music isn’t that much work though. Maybe I gonna change something in the future so I also have some (financial) benefits because as you can imagine a hobby like this costs quite much time…

More about his project: Facebook // YouTube Channel // For Submissions on Soundcloud

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