Music from Mali/Senegal – Habib Koité

Habib Koité (born 1958 in Thiès, Senegal) is a solo singer, songwriter and guitarist, based in Mali. His band, Bamada, is a super-group of West African musicians, including Kélétigui Diabaté playing balafon. Here is the song “Takamba”

listen also Batoumambe and Desert Blues



6 thoughts on “Music from Mali/Senegal – Habib Koité

  1. Reblogged this on Thorn Tree Country and commented:
    I’m a big fan of West African music after my “conversion” one hot Senegalese day (back in the “80s) while riding public transport from Dakar to Diourbel. The vehicle had an excellent sound system and for the first time I was able to properly hear the music. It was like a religious revelation and brought me one step closer to the pulse of the culture.

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