Music from Jamaica – Max Romeo

Max Romeo (born November 22, 1944 in Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica as Max Smith) is a Jamaican singer. He  is a reggae and roots reggae recording artist who has achieved chart success in his home country, and in the United Kingdom. Here is his song “Chase the devil” which has been sampled from the british group “the Prodigy” in her song “Outer Space ” see below

Very nice the story , he told of his youth and how he decided to become a singer:

One day I went to a friend’s house and as this old man was  sitting on the porch. He was watching me, but I ignored him. I looked at this time  rather depressing: holes in my shoes, my shirt was missing a sleeve, etc. The man called me over and said, ” You should not go around this way , what is your problem.” I told him a little of my life and he said. “Well, I’ll help you go home now and write down twenty things you want to do in your life.” He gave me a pen and a piece of paper and I went home and wrote all of the various professions and things that have occurred to me, and brought it back to him. He said, “Now I want you to choose two things out of the twenty.” There were two things I really wanted to be,  a preacher or singer. So I shortened the list and went back to him. He said, “Now it is easy to restrict it to one.” I said, “I like the glamor in the music and the respect one has for a preacher.” But at that time I asked about respect glamor and decided: “singer”. The man answered. “Well, from now on, when someone asks you how you  earn your living, you’ll say that you’re a singer, and every morning when you wake up, you will yourself say that you you´ve got to sing. “At the end he asked me: “Can you sing?” I said, “Yes, I sang a lot as a child.” He replied: “That’s good now move on.”.



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