Music from India – Punkh

Punkh, formed in 2003 in Germany are an Indian ‘World-Rock-Metal’ and Experimental band from New Dehli. They recently released their new E.P titled “Karmah”, which was recorded, produced and mastered in Germany by one of Europe’s leading Under-ground Nu-Metal/Nu-Wave producers: Markcus Tescke. Take a listen to their nice EP!

6 thoughts on “Music from India – Punkh

  1. The music of PUNKH reveals pain, passion and high voltage emotional content, in some very mindblowing self-composed tracks that reveal the raw facets of certain burning issues, some even related to anti-terrorism… Tracks that are hard to get away from, gets to grow onto you…..

  2. Indian/hindi hard rock music mixed with ancient chants – screaming hindi vocals and monster metal music – EPIC! Thankyou for this note.

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