Xandi’s Best of 2012

As last year, I’d like to have a short review of 2012 in my music highlights. My charts of 2011.

Best Albums(which I found 2012):

Don’t know so many albums, but maybe I’ll add more…

Best bands:

  • Mumford & Sons
  • Olin & The Moon

Best Artist:

  • King Charles
  • Mawndoé
  • Splash

Worst Song:

  • I stll like good music :)

Instrument of the year:

  • Guitar

Best Songs:

I know this are so many, but not enough! There are so many other good ones! Listen to my older blog posts!

I would like to listen more from:

  • Plassix
  • Yeleen

Music Videos of the year:

These musicians sadly died, RIP to:

Music discovery of the year: German electronic music!

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