Ewan Dobson: World Candies

Ewan Dobson: World Candies

Genre: Acoustic World


This one is not from ‘World Candies’, but it’s a great entry into his muic…

Ewan Dobson, born in 1981, is a canadian fingerstyle guitarist. He’s absolutely one of the most talented and best guitar players in Canada and won nearly every guitar single competition over the country. His song “Time 2” was a great success with more than 10 million visits on YouTube and was a #1 at the iTunes charts in Finland, Germany and Sweden. His music journey is a long one, influenced of many different music styles, e.g. bluegrass and techno. In 2012, he released two albums. ‘World Candies’ is the latest demonstration of his power and touch on the guitar.

“Ewan Dobson is a real magician of fingerstyle guitar music. Starting listening to his songs, you can’t stop. ‘World Candies’ is his latest album with folk songs as ‘Ieva’s Polka’ from the whole world.”

“World Candies” is Ewan Dobson’s first independent digital release and features music from Finland, Latvia, Norway, Bulgaria, Sweden, Italy, Romania, Ireland, Scotland, Poland, Serbia, Germany, Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Macedonia and the USA.  It also has a piece by Paganini and 3 original pieces by Ewan that did not fit on the upcoming Candyrat release. But not enough, most of them are real classics, as “Ieva’s Polka” or “Tarantella”. Maybe this album could seen as a great journey – perfectly fitting into our blog – around the world, through the different folk pieces, which are now compilated on “World Candies” and edited by Ewan Dobson and his holy guitar fingers! Really a must-listen for all fans of acoustc guitar music. Listen to some of his songs:

“Ieva’s Polka”:

“Hansen’s Mazurka: Sull, Sull”:

For all guitarists, Ewan sent me the tabs: Try this link!

 More information: Official Site // Facebook // Buy this album

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