Music from Kuba – Orishas

Orishas – one of the best known modern  cuban musicgroups also called “Buena Vista Youngster Club” (according to Buena Vista Social Club ) Their music is therefor a mix of traditional music like the cuban son and modern dance music .

here a rather modern version

4 thoughts on “Music from Kuba – Orishas

  1. This is excellent Stan. I really enjoyed both versions. This just decided my movie viewing for the night. Time to pop I AM CUBA in the DVD player. Peace. Have a good one.

    1. thank you , Orisha is a god ,one of the natural gods of the cuban , thats amazing that there are similar roots in Africa , you see the world is really small and mankind got it´s cradle in africa ( some say also in georgia (europe ) thank you for your comment

      1. Ya, the migratory links between the Yorubas and Southern American peoples and culture affected that. There was a Cuban music troupe touring here in Nigeria not long ago. I think they still are, even. Was intriguing.

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