Your favourite song 2012

So, we’ve even december so far; still time to ask YOU about your favourite song. Vote for one of these 7 songs here or/and on Facebook and share this! We need at least 100 votes!!

Of course, the winner will receive an award: the xWorldmusic award, for the best public song!

Public Award 2012

We’d be so happy if you’d vote too!

4 thoughts on “Your favourite song 2012

  1. I haven’t heard any of these….Proud to have avoided the whole PSY craze. Would like to hear the Alanis song. Guess I m old I would have voted for something from the New Van Halen or Rush

    1. I’m so sorry, but thought I’d just take 7 songs, and 3 of them should be not so well known. But these are also great! Left Boy is awesome :)

      Thanks stellamariee :D

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