Music from the Netherlands – Golden Earring

Golden Earring , founded 1961 from Rinus Geritsen and George Kooymans at the age of 13 and 15. First they called their band ” The Tornadoes ” but renamed themselves afterwards to “Golden Earring” , They still play together and are therefore  one of the longest existing rock bands in the world. Here is their song “Radar Love ”


3 thoughts on “Music from the Netherlands – Golden Earring

  1. In my ‘splendid isolation’ as an English teen, I remember Golden Earring being perhaps the first time I had considered ‘foreign’ bands to be capable of reaching the same standards in rock as British and American ones. their performance on Top of the Pops is fixed in my memory, because of the drummer jumping over his kit! As far as I’m aware, ‘Radar love’ was their only UK hit – but WHAT a hit!!!

    1. Kev , when i post a band or a single singer/artist , sometimes i think “Oh this is a band everxbody should know, is it worth to feature it ? In the 6 months i´m “working” for “worldmusic” i´m convinced “Yes it is ” Often the younger people don´t know the bands because they don´t exist anymore or the bands have been only popular in a few countries and not well known in the US or Asia or elsewhere …..

      1. Yes, Stan – I’ve been really busy with my own bands recently, so haven’t posted for ages, but I do like to showcase some of theses amazing bands from the past so new generations can see just how great they were!

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