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Vincebus Eruptum was the debut album of the Rock Band Blue Cheer founded 1966. Til the death of guitarist and front man Dickie Peterson in 2009 , they still played live concerts all over the world. With the “Summertime Blues” a cover from a Eddie Cochran song , they had their greatest success ever. Jim Morrison called them ” the mightiest band , i´ve ever seen !” The Summertime Blues was the first piece on their album Vincebus Eruptum , what means translated “Controled Chaos ” according to Dickinson , in real there is still  a great discussion about the meaning til today .

Track list
1. Summertime Blues (Capehart, Cochran) 3:47
2. Rock Me Baby (Josea, King) 4:22
3. Doctor Please (Peterson ) 7:53
4. Out of Focus (Peterson) 3:58
5. Parchment Farm (Allison ) 5:49
6. Second Time Around (Peterson) 6:17

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