German Electronic Music


In Germany, we have – as I could experience in the last months – very many great electro, techno and house musicians and bands. So I want to show you  three great bands; I still discovered many of them in 2012 in school. The three bands/musicians are WankelmutOliver Koletzki and Nils Hoffmann.


Jakob aka Wankelmut was coinded of music since his childhood. In 2008, he discouvered a new interest: electronic music. In 2011, he started uploading his songs to, and in 2012, he had his first great success with his interpreation of Asaf Avidan & The Mojos’  “Reckoning Song“, better known as “One Day“. After this archievement, Wankelmut became popular in Germany and Europe and often plays gigs – party inclusive. His music is a great mix of electro and techno. Listen to the example songs, and you’ll discouver his relaxed songs.

One Day, originally “Reckoning Song” by Asaf Avidan & The Mojos:

Monuments, 2011

Source: ^^

More info:Official site // Facebook // Souncloud

Oliver Koletzki:

Born in Braunschweig in 1974, Oliver Koletzki is best known for his electronic dance and house music in Germany. In 2005, he pressed 500 dics of his track “Der Mückenschwarm” on Vinyl and one of them “reached” Sven Väth, a super DJ who often played the track, and the people liked it! Since these days, he had a huge succes with his mix of minimal, techno, electro and house music. Listen to the example songs!

Der Mückenschwarm, 2005

Hypnotized, featuring Fran; 2009

U-Bahn, featuring Axel Bosse, 2009

Source: ^^

More info:Official site // Facebook // Souncloud

Nils Hoffmann:

Nils Hoffmann, born in 1976 in Bremen studied classical music and became concertmaster in an orchestra. Since 1997, the computer is his main instrument and in 2008, he became the third official trainer for the music software “ableton live”. His music is a great relaxed mix of electronica, swing and experimental.

Verwunschen, Marlon Hoffstadt Remix

Darkness Falls, 2011

Lost in Space, 2011

Source: ^^

More info:Official site // Myspace // Souncloud

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