23 thoughts on “Music from Kazakhstan – David Döring

    1. I would love to have David’s “Pan Paradies CD ! I have tried everything I know to purchase! Can somebody help me? I’m 71 years young, It”s prayerful and truly beautiful

  1. I am a music director at a small church. When I heard David play Amazing Grace it brought tears to my eyes. I had never heard a pan flute played so beautifully. David is wonderful. Thank you for your outstanding talent.

    1. I live in the states but I have purchased two of his cds.
      All you have to do is order it. He will send an invoice.
      Even though the invoice is for Euros, you just type in your credit card number and whatever else you usually do with an invoice.

  2. First want to thank you for going on FB, heard
    your Amazing Grace and fell in love with the song all over again. It gives me piece when I here it. My Brother and Wife were here to visit and they also heard the song many times and love it too! Going to try and order 2 CD’s now. Bless you!

  3. amazing grace has never sounded like grace that is truly amazing…I am trying to buy this anywhere…Can you tell me how?

  4. I would like to purchase a DVD of AMAZING GRACE by David Dorner. I have his CD, but I want a DVD. Is it possible to purchase a DVD? Can someone help me?

  5. I fell in love with your beatiful music. Amazing Grace brought tears to my eyes. It is so beautiful. I have never heard it played on the panflute like that before. Don’t ever stop playing. I want to buy a few of your Dvds or Cds if it possible.

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