Music from the UK – Bloc Party

Bloc Party are an English rock band that was formed in 1998 in London under the name Angel Range by  Kele Okereke and Russell Lissack. The name is an allusion to a “block party”, a name for a neighborhood party in the U.S., where a local band is playing.

Her newest song ” Kettling ” was inspired by the rumours in London in 2011 .’There was so much going on in the world in 2011,’ says Kele, ‘You couldn’t turn on the television without seeing pictures of people protesting or rioting or mass disarray. Of course those are quite frightening images. But there’s also something quite poetic about people standing up and saying they’ve had enough of something; that no, they will not take this any more. That’s what the song was really about.’

The appropriate video has been filmed in  a primary school in Charlton, London. It  shows a group of children at play one of the oldest and most controversial British mainly schoolyard games: British Bulldog. Even banned by some school playgrounds, in others it is still current because of its brutality . In the eyes of director James Lee, the perfect soundtrack for the confrontational theme of ‘Kettling’.

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