Music from Mali – Habib Koité

Habib Koité is a Malian singer, songwriter and guitarist. He plays the guitar on a pentatonic scale and uses open strings as on a n’goni.

His song Batoumambé is a very emotional song, about a women from the Bozo fishing tribe. The Youtube Comment, “Two people from different worlds discover an impossible love, The young Bozo fisherman and the siren of the river. They could neither be seen together, nor marry. From their idyll, a proverb has grown: ‘Not all love ends in marriage’. But love remains strong. The fisherman said: ‘When I touch your breasts, it is not desire. It is out of love for the owner of the breasts. ….(etc.), My dear Battoumanbe, not all love ends in marriage’ .” from AdissJimer is very informing.

Updated for Truels ;)

3 thoughts on “Music from Mali – Habib Koité

  1. Habib is Awesome. I hve seen him several times since the end of the 90’s. One of the most inspirational musicians I know. Great song choice.
    His CDs are well worth buying since they often has the lyrics or explanations of them in the leaflet

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