Tony Succar: Unity – The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson

For a while, I didn’t write an album rescension, but no worries, I’ll write one today ;)

Tony Succar: Unity – The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson

Genre: Latin, Salsa, Tropical Pop

Three years of work, recording at several studios(e.g. Miami, Orlando), with more than 80 professional musicians, in tribute to the King Of Pop: Michael Jackson, who died in 2009.

Tony Succar, born in 1986 in Lima, Peru, is an US-american music producer and indie record label owner who develops this “Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson“. Including great musicians and singers, e.g. Tito Nieves and La India, this awesome album reinterprets Michael Jackson’s 14 greatest hits, as “I Want You Back”, from the Jackson 5, into an amazing mix of tropical pop and latin music. The appeal of this album is to show all the world how beautiful Big Band Orchestration, Latin and Caribbean sound can be, while you’re still remaining true to Michael’s artistic integrity. Maybe so, the latin music audience could increase, if you’re start listening to latin music in familiar textes. Another aim is to unite people, create peace through music and dissolve barriers between all countries on the world. With “Unity” would show us, that all people love music and dance, just as Michael envisioned.

Their journey starts with this soon released album(spring 2013). So far, the single “I Want You Back” Featuring Tito Nieves, reached several top places in latin charts worldwide. With their work, they don’t want to become the most profit; just standing on the legacy and messages of his songs.

Their first single “I Want You Back” Featuring Tito Nieves represents an hispanic-american culture in and out of music!

Listening to their catchy latin pop and tropical, you could truely see how many love the full team invested in this great project. In their way of perfecionality they played this album, you really feel one with the musicians: A True Love To Michael Jackson. Tony and his team must be full of it, great!

Personally, I prefered the “old Michale Jackson” with the Jackson 5 to the “new” Michael, and so I think this tribute is absolutely rightful! Great idea, great job! You’re gonna enjoy it! :)

The social and musicial aspects are still perfectly fitting in our blog, peace through music! Thanks for contacting us and congrats to Tony Succar and his team!!

More info: Official Site // Facebook  // YouTube Channel

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