Ron Jambo: The Exclusive Interview

You remember Ron Jambo, a great indie pop band from Munich. Yesterday, they sent me an interview, which we worked out in spring 2012 ;)

Our interview partner is Tobi, thanks so much!

World Music: How did Ron Jambo become a band?
Just left a band and was looking for people to start something new. Olli moved to Munich in fall 2009 and also needed something to start over, musically speaking. From a bank assistant he somehow got a list of people he knew were looking for a band. Olli mailed me, we both were interested, we jammed and TADA! It worked ;) After rehearsing for almost a year with a drummer I knew from my old band, we found Andy in March 2011 and started to play gigs then.
What’s the coolest thing you’ve done since then? 
There were a few cool things in the past year. We won a contest at the sold out Kranhalle, played on a sunny day at the city center of Munich, and giving away CDs at our release show was also nice.
Who inspired you to your music? What were your influences?
I think it’s a combination of The Knack, The Fratellis, The Wombats and Weezer on my side, whereas Olli shows influences of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Victor Wooten and Marcus Miller. Andy can play anything, he even loves to play fast Metal parts and that’s why he looks so relaxed when he plays with us – he’s not really challenged by our songs ;)
Where are you playing live the next time?
We’re taking a small break now to start writing songs and recording. We’ll stop by at the Flowerstreet Festival @ Feierwerk in Munich in September.
Where can your music be bought?
You can download the first three songs of our album “Bäm!” for free on Soundcloud ( All other MP3s are available everywhere you would imagine: iTunes, Amazon, Musicload, Bandcamp etc. – you can even stream the entire Album on Spotify, Simfy, Deezer and others. If you want a “real CD”, come to our shows and talk to us or write an Email and we’ll get right back to you.
What’s your motto?
We don’t have a specific motto, but I guess our goal is giving people a good time. A lot of contemporary music from the independent scene currently is melancholic and sad – we’re not like that. We want to cheer people up and make them feel better, not drown them in their problems.
Ron Jambo – the name sounds familiar. What does it stand for?
It’s a word play with Silvester Stallone’s Vietnam-Veteran action hero role “John Rambo”. The band name itself doesn’t have a real deep meaning. We just liked the sound of it and thought it was funny. Now we could say we’re also the opposite of John Rambo: We’re in a good mood, we’re pacifists and a little chubby. So the letter-twist reflects that, too.
What are your favorite singles?
Umm is Zooey Deschanel still single? Then her.
And the last question: What are your plans and projects for the future?
More music videos (we only have one at the moment), more gigs and lots of cool songs. And then, you know, meeting Zooey Deschanel.
Thank you very much for this interview.
You’re very welcome, all the best!

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