Music from Scotland – Emeli Sande

I know , we´ve posted already a song of her , but i could not resist to show you one more , her Video Clip “Wonder” i like the colurs . And in addition i´ve got to tell you , she´s probably from the UK , but it´s clear she comes from Scotland , for all those Highlanders out there , yes i know the difference ^^


10 thoughts on “Music from Scotland – Emeli Sande

    1. haha i know , but as example the bavarian belong to germany , but of their point of view the bavarian belongs first to bavaria and then to germany ^^ :-) hope you understand the difference :-)

      1. I do.

        I was just hoping you weren’t confusing the UK with England, which is often done.

      2. where are you from kibbled ? from England ??
        no we learned the difference in school :-)
        i just saw , that you are presumably coming from Scotland :-)

  1. What a joyous song! Fantastic. I love this video. It puts the “wonder” in wonderful. It Energizes my Sunday morning with a ray of sunshine.

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