Music from Denmark – Alrune Rod

Alrune Rod (formed 1968) was a Danish psychedelic rock band.

Here is their song “Om At ”


One thought on “Music from Denmark – Alrune Rod

  1. WOW – what a nice experience to listen to Alrune Rod again – i have been listening and dancing (and smoking ;-) ) SO many times to them both in live concerts and their records when I was young…………………………………
    And they are still (a)live:

    Btw, do you know, that:
    Alrune Rod is Danish word for The Mandrake Root.
    Legend has it that the Mandrake Root grows under the gallows.
    As the rope tightens around the neck of the condemned and the hanged man’s last ejaculation hits the ground – this is where the Mandrake Root grows.
    When you pull the Mandrake Root out of the ground, it is said to scream and cry like a baby!
    If you like this music:
    This is even better! – another of my favorite Danish bands from around 1970:
    Listen to this great song by the legendary Danish prog/psych/blues band Young Flowers. Shot clipped and edited in less than a day!

    (and yes – it’s also a suggestion :-) )

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