Music from Germany – Supershirt

Supershirt is a german electronic band from Rostock , meanwhile living in Berlin . Currently under contract at the Audiolith Label . They founded at 2000 and released 2004 their first EP album .I saw them first the same afternoon before their gig giving autograms ; with their autograms  my t-shirt is currently really a supershirt with autograms from them on the back  and from  “Die Fantastischen Vier ” on the frontside ^^ Entered afterwards without my daughter their tent where they played , never heard from them before , but enjoyed the sound and the atmosphere , my second personal highlight this year on the Southside Festival 2012 in germany and the first surprise regarding Electronic music ( hey there played 90 bands over there on three days haha think thats great isn´t it ? )

They gave us , my daughter and me a free CD from their newest EP , here there is their newest song “Kunstwerk ” (artwork )

and their famous song ” 8000 mark ” – eighthousand bucks ^^


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