Music from the US – Imagine Dragons

I was listening to an alternative station on iHeart Radio today when this song came on and I now have a new favourite song!  Imagine Dragons are a band from Las Vegas that formed in 2008.  They have only brought out EPs so far but have now been signed and their debit album Night Visions is set for release in September.   The beginning of this year they released this song “It’s Time” which received airplay on major radio stations and reached #4 on the alternative charts (not bad for a band that has not released a studio album yet)!

One thought on “Music from the US – Imagine Dragons

  1. Ooh – interesting find Wendy. not heard of these before – great name by the way. Love the use of mandolin – like a McGuiness Flint for the 21st Century…and for those who don’t know what I’m on about….. :-)

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