Music from Sri Lanka – Dinesh Subasinghe

In 2010, Sri-Lankan composer, Dinesh Subasinghe wrote the first ever Buddhist oratorio in the world. He contributed a pivotal role to Sri-Lankan movies and TV series music by combining world music genres and Sri-Lankan music. He is a dynamic orchestrator and he brought a new background musical sound to Sri-Lankan cinema.In 2007, Dinesh Subasinghe introduced the ancient instrument Ravanahatha to Sri-lankan music. he brought some unique playing style and few texture changers to This ancient instrument belongs to the Ravan era.He was the first Sri-Lankan student to attend the KM music conservatory run by Oscar winning composer A.R.Rahman.He is a phenomenal composer for pop music as well as classical music. He and his band Dee R Cee members brought a huge change to local concert audience

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