Music from the US – Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo is an American singer-songwriter. Derulo was born in Miami, Florida, to Haitian parents. His birth name is Desrouleaux, but he changed the spelling for his stage name to make it easier to pronounce. Derulo has been performing since the age of three. He wrote his first song, “Crush on You”, at age eight.
I first listened to his song “Breathing” during my Easter holidays. I was together with good friends and it was sunny already. It was a very nice time. Whenever I hear the song on the radio now I think of these days. I like how Jason Derulo exaggerates ironically: “I only miss you when I’m breathing / I only need you when my heart is beating”
By the way: I’m Dayyan. Im new here. I like all kinds of music and I like playing the guitar.

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