Music from Russia – Serebro

Serebro is a female trio, a project by the talented producer Maxim Fadeev. The team was formed in 2006, and since then they have managed to develop a refine and previously unknown style, something that became new to the West. Success as a music group came in 2007 with the girls participating in Eurovision Song Contest (they won The Bronze Award) Here is their new song ” Mama Ljuba ” i know it´s a pop song ^^it´s about the mother in law , probably a bad one , who knows ? !

2 thoughts on “Music from Russia – Serebro

  1. El vídeo le conocía, ha circulado mucho por la red; la conductora me enamoró, es una chica preciosa de verdad; gracias por compartir.

    1. Jose thank you , unfortunately i don´t speak spanish , but i understood the meaning of your comment , yes the girls are pretty , a good friend stays currently nearby moscow for one year and he said that this song has been very popular in russia , you could hear it in the radio all day long , the girls are very pretty , so in both ways the videoclip is worth to hear and to see :-)

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