5 thoughts on “Music from UK / Sweden – Storm Corrosion

  1. Love this. Sheesh, how many projects does Steve Wilson have? too many to count. What an incredible artist. This song is fascinating the video is magnificent.

  2. You are right about that, Steve Wilson must do a lot of travelling between continents keeping up with all his ventures. Yeah, love the video. Thanks for the comment Mobius :)

  3. yay! thanks for sticking something up from the two prog masters steven wilson and Mikael åkerfeldt…only my two favourite musicians! i’m incredibly excited for the release of this album on monday (i think). How did you choose whether the song was from Sweden or England, considering one member comes from on country and the other from the other? :P

    1. Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed this post on these talented musicians. You are obsoutely right the two counties are so equaly represented in this band that I have changed the titled to represent both!

      1. ah thank you! I just thought it was unfair on SW to consider the project to be from Sweden. (although it would have been unfair on åkerfeldt if it had been the other way round ofc)

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