2 thoughts on “Music from Fiji – Lia Osborne

  1. Bula,is it correct to say in memory Lia passed away,I downloaded Era Bini Tu from
    itunes on my iPhone 4s this morning NZ time 7:20am date 5/11/2012 choice backing
    group of musicians I like the delay system on guitar Vinaka guys and just to reply
    I was in Fiji half a day October 2/11/2011 at the tokatoka hotel Nadi courtesy of Korean
    Air included a buffet luncheon and then departed Fiji on Air New Zealand at 2:30pm
    destined for home after holidaying in Jerusalem Israel for 10 days even managed to
    buy a world cup embroidery tshirt Fiji 2011 from Nadi Airport,there are two songs
    I like because of the arrival and descent aboard Korean Air airbus300-200 as to the
    above Era Bini Tu and Oilei Susi 8:05 and its 30 to 40 degrees hot after alighting
    and emerging from the passenger tube the heatwave before entry to an air-condition
    airport to be greeted by Fijian Musicians thanks for the hospitality.
    yours sincerely Stephen Gray

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